Goals – They are Important!

Today’s contribution was submitted by Kayla Kelly, BS, NETA-GFI – Wellness Manager from Corporate Health Unlimited.    Goals are the stepping stones in finding success. Having goals for what we want to do in life, and working towards them is very important. The path towards our goals may not always be easy, but if we…

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Today’s contribution is by Pam Wells, B.S., NETA – Program Manager at Pulse Fitness. Goals: What are they and how do we set them? We all set goals throughout life – relating to many different aspects. But how do we know the goals we’re setting for ourselves are working for us or against us? Are…

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Snooze or Lose!

Today’s contribution is from Ryan Kivlin, B.S, M.S, CSCS, Wellness Associate at Barbara Cox Fitness Center Sleep. It’s an essential factor for recovering from your day whether you are physically active or not. The human body reacts to various stimuli throughout the day which affects the nervous system. Things like exposure to fluorescent light, constant sound…

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