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Fitness Should Be Fun!

Today’s contribution is by Emily Spencer, MPH, NASM – CPT – Wellness Associate at the James C. Kennedy Fitness Center.   Do you dread heading to the fitness center to workout? There are lots of people who think they hate exercising because they find the traditional fitness center setting boring or intimidating. Maybe you get…

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What is the Deal with HITT?

Today’s contribution is by Jacob Yount, B.S, ACSM-EP – Wellness Coordinator and Personal Trainer at Phoenix Athletic Club Those 4 letters together seem a little intense. The acronym itself seems like it hurts, but it doesn’t, and it is a great way to change the pace of your cardiovascular exercise. If you are like me,…

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What to Look for in a GPS Watch

Today’s contribution is from Big Peach Running Co.   Nothing can be as intimidating as buying a GPS running watch. These days there are so many options in features and brands, that researching those features and why they’re important are enough to make your head spin.Do I need those features? Will they make me a…

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Heart Rate Zones

Check your heart rate

Today’s contribution is from Big Peach Running Co  There are a lot of runners that don’t understand the reasons for training using a plan that is based on heart rate zones. We’ll explain how heart rate based training can help improve your performance on race day! Many times runners don’t understand that despite running 3-5 times…

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