foam rollling

Goals – They are Important!

Today’s contribution was submitted by Kayla Kelly, BS, NETA-GFI – Wellness Manager from Corporate Health Unlimited.    Goals are the stepping stones in finding success. Having goals for what we want to do in life, and working towards them is very important. The path towards our goals may not always be easy, but if we…

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Stretching Basics

Today’s contribution is from Big Peach Running Co. Avoid injury and fatigue, learn how to stretch properly. WHO Should Stretch? Anyone and everyone who regularly runs, walks, hikes, bikes or participates in other physical activities. WHAT/WHERE Should You Stretch? The major muscle groups used for your activity. Runners for example need to stretch their legs and glutes.…

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Roll Your Way to Better Form

Today’s contribution is from Big Peach Running Co.Today’s contribution is from Big Peach Running Co. Why just 5-minutes of foam rolling can help you become a better runner! Most of us only reach for the foam roller when something is wrong. If you’re only rolling the spot that hurts then stop right now! Kristin Aziz,…

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