Mini Workouts Throughout the Day

Completing long workouts in the fitness center is not always sustainable with a busy workday and a never-ending to-do list waiting for you at home. However, recent research shows that mini workouts throughout the day are just as effective as long workouts! Here are some ways you can split up your day to move more and make it count:

  • Schedule 5-15 minute moving breaks throughout your day on your Outlook calendar. Complete simple exercises, stretches, or go for a walk.
  • Have a phone meeting with a colleague? Make it a walk-and-talk meeting in a nearby park, your sidewalk, or around the office building.
  • Make it a habit to complete an exercise every time you go to take a seat or finish a meal. For example: When you come back to your desk from using the restroom, complete 5 squats and 5 push-ups before taking a seat.
  • Complete a 15 minute workout by watching a workout video at home or at the office. Following an instructor is a great way to stay focused and stay within the certain time frame you are trying to reach. Check out Corporate Health Unlimited YouTube page for great content!

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