Tips for Committing to Exercise

  • Plan exercise into your day - Set aside a specific time in your schedule to exercise and put it in your planner. This will help you avoid conflicts and make exercise a priority.
  • Reward yourself - Set short-term goals and reward yourself for achieving them. For example, you could treat yourself to a movie, a new book, or a massage after completing a certain number of workouts or reaching a milestone.
  • Try different activities - Find exercises that you enjoy and that suit your fitness level. You can also mix up your routine to keep things interesting and prevent boredom. For example, you could alternate between walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, or yoga.
  • Get a workout buddy - Having a friend, family member, or co-worker to exercise with can make it more fun and motivating. You can also join a class, a club, or an online community to meet new people who share your fitness goals.
  • Be kind to yourself - Don't beat yourself up if you miss a workout or have a bad day. Remember that any exercise is better than none and that you can always start again the next day. Focus on the positive changes you're making and celebrate your progress.


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