Roll Your Way to Better Form

Today’s contribution is from Big Peach Running Co.Today’s contribution is from Big Peach Running Co.

Why just 5-minutes of foam rolling can help you become a better runner!

Most of us only reach for the foam roller when something is wrong. If you’re only rolling the spot that hurts then stop right now! Kristin Aziz, Big Peach Running Co. Suwanee General Manager and Certified TriggerPoint Instructor, talks about why you should stop, drop and roll every day instead of just when things hurt:

Want better form? Make sure you take care of these three muscle groups:

Calves. Remember the Mattress Factory commercials with the bouncing springs? Your calves are springs! When they’re tight, they can slow down your turnover which can throw off your form. The good news is just a few minutes with the GRID or Foundation Collection can make a big difference in your calf and ankle mobility!

Quads. Do you sit all day? It’s time to reset your posture and release those tight quads and hip flexors! Your body will try to balance itself by overstriding which slows you down. Use the GRID to MB5 to release those tight quads so you can bring your hips forward which makes your stride more efficient.

Glutes. Do you have sleepy glute syndrome? If your biomechanics are off chances are your glutes aren’t working together, which means your glutes aren’t working together to help stabilize your hips. Stable hips mean you can easily lift your knees for a more efficient stride. Check out the MB5 as an easy way to help release those tight hips.

Want to learn more about foam rolling? Check out our 75-minute TransFORMed Running Intro and make sure to check out our videos on how to release your calves with our How to Foam Roll blog.