Running 101

Running is an amazing sport. I went for my first run over ten years ago and was immediately hooked.  It’s not only beneficial in building community, but also provides great stress relief. From a health standpoint, running is an aerobic exercise that provides a large amount of calorie burn and reduces risk of chronic disease. Whether you’rea seasoned runner or lacing up your first pair of running shoes, I hope this post will motivate and challenge you to take the next stride. If you’re new to running, my first tip is to go to a local running store and get fitted for the right pair of shoes. It’s nonnegotiable. Your shoes will be your best friend. They support you (literally) and give you some flare to keep you stylish while hittin’ the road. Once you’ve connected with a local running store, they’ll be great resources for advice, races in your area, and group runs. Once you’ve set goals, utilize a watch or app to track workouts. Depending on your objective, it could be a regular stopwatch or even an app on your phone, but take time (no pun intended) to hold yourself accountable by tracking your distance and pace. Where are the best places to run? Atlanta offers many great running spots. Atlanta offers many great spots from trails by the Chattahoochee to the Silver Comet to in town routes! See the link for a list of routes to check out: So, I challenge you, whether it’s your first run or you’ve completed marathons, lace up your shoes and hit the road and let running become your next step to quality of life. For specific program recommendations, please reach out to your Corporate Sports Unlimited fitness center staff. Gloria has completed 2 marathons, 10 half marathons, several 10Ks and 5Ks and has successfully set a personal best on her second marathon by 40 minutes. Her favorite distance is half marathon and favorite place to run is Paris Mountain area of Greenville, SC.