How to Create Your Own Workout

Today’s contribution is by Jamie Colcord, B.S, CPT – Program Manager at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital James C. Kennedy Fitness Center.


Do you feel lost or like you have no idea where to start with exercising? How about stuck or bored with your workouts? One easy way to fix this is to create your own workouts and have some options to switch it up as well!

Now you may be thinking…Do I do upper body or lower? Back and biceps or chest and triceps? What about legs and shoulders and abs?! There are too many options! Well, here is a simple workout template to choose from. This template trains you in movements rather than body parts. A total body workout is going to be the most metabolically demanding than just doing biceps curls. This kind of workout will get you lean and strong at the same time.

Step 1: Choose 1 exercise from each section.

Step 2: Choose anywhere from 1-3 sets and 6-12 reps and GO!


Quad Dominant Exercise


Step Ups


Leg Press


Hip Dominant Exercises


Hip Bridge

Back Extension

Leg Curl


Vertical Push

Shoulder Press


Vertical Pull

Lat Pull-down



Horizontal Push


Bench Press


Horizontal Pull

Seated Row

Bent-over Row



Elbow Plank

Hand Plank

Side Plank

Superman hold

Mountain climbers

Standing oblique crunches


Step 3: Pick the type if equipment you want to use. Choose from one below.




Resistance Bands

Weight Machines


Final Tip: If the workout you created feels too hard, decrease the weight or the range of motion. If it feels too easy, add more weight, more sets, more reps or do the entire workout faster!

If you need more assistance, ask any of the Wellness Staff at the front desk at your fitness center. They will be happy to help you.