General Benefits of Exercising

 Today’s contribution is from Jamie Colcord, Personal Trainer. Congratulations on your involvement in FitTrip! I want to talk to you about the general benefits of exercise and how important it is to stay active on a regular basis in order to be successful in this year’s FitTrip program.  As a whole, your body wants to and is meant to get regular exercise.  Once those shoes are laced up or that yoga mat is rolled out, it’s easy to get going. The key is convincing your mind you want to move. As a rule of thumb, your should move your body in some shape or form at least 30 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. This means throwing in cardio to keep your heart healthy, weighted exercises which use major muscle groups to keep your muscles and bones strong. Also, throw in some yoga or simple stretches to prevent injury. Listen to your body, which is your greatest indicator on what you should do each day. Any exercise is better than none.  Yes, some days you will begrudgingly go for a run or go to that group fitness class, but more often than not, you are glad you did afterwards. Exercise gives you endorphins, a hormone that circulates through your bloodstream, making your happier. It also greatly reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, from the bloodstream. Overall if exercise makes you happier, your heart, muscles and bones stronger, reduces stress, AND helps you conquer FitTrip 2015, why not do it on a regular basis? Exercise because you love your body and want to take care of it, not because you hate it. Good luck!