Five Ways to Find Time

Today’s contribution is by Catherine Leggette, B.S., ACSM-EP – Wellness Associate at MB Body Shop.


Have you tried time and time again to work out, but life keeps getting in the way? Kids, work, meetings…oh my! Here are a few tips to try to get your workout in and still have time for everything in your day.

1. Block it off. Try scheduling your workouts like meetings with yourself and don’t cancel! You wouldn’t cancel a meeting with your boss so don’t cancel on yourself!

2. Plan ahead. Every weekend, set aside some time to plan each day of the week. Knowing you have an upcoming workout at a specific scheduled time will make it easier to stick to knowing you have that 1 hour of time blocked off specifically geared toward bettering yourself.

3. Not all exercise has to be structured. Grab the kids and even the dog and take a walk around the block after dinner, play catch, throw a Frisbee, jump and play at a nearby park, or even take a bike ride together. There are so many ways to exercise without even knowing it! Aim to stay active!

4. Use the buddy system. Find a workout partner to really keep you accountable and on schedule. Whether it be a friend or a personal trainer, it has been proven that individuals are less likely to quit their workout program when they have someone keeping them accountable.

5. Wake up earlier. Getting a good sweat session in before the workday has been proven to improve focus, alertness, and productivity throughout the day even more than caffeine! Swap that java for a water bottle and move first thing in the morning!

Give these tips a try and you will be amazed at how much more effective your workouts can be!

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