The REAL Way to Get A 6 Pack- And It’s Not By Doing Crunches All Day Long!

Today’s contribution is by Jamie Colcord, B.S., CPT, Health Coach – Program Manager at Tuner Athletic Club at Techwood. 


Flat six pack abs, washboard abs, toned stomach – all of these may be something you are interested in attaining during these 12 weeks of FitTrip.  Well I am here to tell you a secret.  Are you listening?  Okay good.   You may have heard this before but I am here to tell you the secret to getting those magazine worthy abs.  It’s IN THE KITCHEN!

What exactly does that mean?  That means that your body, specifically your stomach, is going to be a visual diary of what you are eating day in and day out.  What you eat each day will show in your stomach no matter how many sit ups you do.  Your stomach will show if you eat fast food, sleep very little and overindulge on weekends.  This means that you can’t out train your diet.  You can’t eat anything you want all the time and think ‘oh I’ll just burn it off later in my workout’.  It is super important to pair your workouts with healthy eating.  If you aren’t sure where to start with your diet and what a healthy eating looks like in order to get those washboard abs, reach out to your Travel Agent. They can set up an appointment for you with our Registered Dietitian.

One thing I can help you with is giving you a great core workout that will hit every single muscle in your mid-section.  Give this workout a try 2-3 times a week!

Killer Core FitTrip Workout: complete each exercise for 30 seconds, 3 times through for a well-rounded core routine.



Side plank


Sit ups

Russian twists

Back extension

Mountain climbers

Reverse crunch

Bicycle crunches

If you aren’t sure what these exercise look like, ask your Travel Agent!  They will give you all the tips you need and make sure your form is right.  Not only will this aid in your washboard ab goals, but it will also help you have good posture, keep your spine and back healthy and pain free and aid in any other athletic or fitness goals you may have.