Five Ways Fad Diets Fall Flat

Today’s contribution is from Good Measure Meals’ registered dietitian, Jessica Avasthi MS, RD, LD 


We all know them…the diets that promise quick fixes without any effort. We turn to them consistently but rarely see the promised outcomes that help us reach our goals. Bear in mind, weight management is a lifetime commitment. It’s not an overnight fixer upper. So, before you consider the newest diet trend, keep in mind that fad diets fall flat in the following ways:

1. That weight you lose so quickly…it’s mainly water. Diets that restrict calories drastically or limit one or more essential food groups tend to demonstrate success in rapid weight loss, but all too often this is primarily body water. It’s just how our body responds to the dietary changes in the early stages. However, under these conditions, lean musclemass is compromised and actually used as fuel. To succeed in FitTrip, you need to reduce body fat and gain lean mass. This will not happen with quick weight loss. 2. Fad diet weight loss is typically short-lived. In addition to a good bit of that rapid weight loss being water, you’re not supporting long term weight management. It is often not realistic to follow fad diets for long; the calories or food groups are too restricted. Once you revisit your former eating habits, the weight often comes back quickly. 3. Fad diets discourage you from analyzing your food behaviors and habits. We often mindlessly eat because we are stressed or on the run or just not paying attention. Long term weight management requires you to evaluate those behaviors and make changes to make room for positive choices. 4. Physical activity is critical in weight management. Fad diets tend to air on the side of not needing to do much of anything, other than follow the diet. However, physical activity is what helps develop lean muscle mass and keep you feeling energized. There is a myriad of health benefits related to physical activity, including blood pressure and blood sugar management. It’s vital that being active is on your radar, and be sure you have fun while you’re at it! 5. Lastly, fad diets can be expensive! Many fad diets suggest hard to find foods, products or supplements with little scientific evidence to support the promised outcomes. The reality is many fad diet followers are still struggling to lose weight. Instead, consult with your club’s registered dietitian to get the science based facts and support needed to meet your goals. Before considering a fad during FitTrip, take a step back, determine what you really want to get out of the program, and make decisions based on those goals.







Dinner:  Steak with brown rice, green beans, carrots, salad, and sliced fruit for dessert