Bad Habits Sabotaging Your Results

It’s Thursday, you’re weighing in and WOW! You’re down two pounds from where you were in last week’s weigh in. Way to go, YOU ROCK! Another week goes by, and you’ve fallen off the wagon somewhat but here comes another weigh in. You hop on the scale, and the scale doesn’t budge. The disappointment sets in, and now you’re on the “Blame Game” rollercoaster. Are you letting your bad habits sabotage your results? Reaching any goal is all about consistency. Whatever you are consistent in doing you become an expert at. So if you are an “expert” at your bad habits, it’s time to make a change. Take inventory of the things you do that are currently keeping you from reaching your goals. Write them down and express how they negatively affect your progress. Most would say the next step is to attempt to eliminate those bad habits. If y  ou’ve tried that route before, I want to encourage you to try something different. ~Insanity – Repeating the same thing, expecting different results. I’ve heard that it takes 21 days for a change in habit to truly take effect. So for 21 days, instead of trying to eliminate your bad habit, I want you to implement and FOCUS on a new one. Example:BAD HABIT: You never change your cardio and always walk 20 minutes on the treadmill then leave. NEW HABIT: Choose 3 pieces of cardio to use each for 30 minutes each session. Before you know it, you are so consumed with your new customs, and the old habits will die naturally, because your focus has changed. Once you have mastered your new habit, then begin another healthy habit and watch you progress and improvements over the coming months.